Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nigerians death being used as excuse to promote interculturalism

PROMOTING integration in the community where tragic teenager Toyosi Shittabey was knifed to death will be the best tribute to the slain schoolboy, councillors have said.

Fingal County Council is to convene a meeting in Tyrrelstown to discuss the provision of better facilities "to assist interculturalism and a cohesive community".



Hail Ireland ! said...

Why is it that this stabbing is portrayed as a racist crime. Just because the victim was black doesn't mean it was a racist attack.

Anonymous said...

Clearly an anti white ,anti Irish agenda is being pursued.
A consequence perhaps is that Irish jurors will find all Irish people charged with crimes against blacks innocent regardless of the evidence and will convict all blacks regardless of the evidence in a process called jury nullification.
Thats how people who feel persecuted react.

Daithi said...

A friend of mine who works for a Dublin taxi firbut lives in the road where it happened said that the Black guy and 2 friends tried to break into a van in the road , the brother of the van owner saw it but got attacked by the blacks , he then got his brother (van owner) and went after them but they only caught up with your man , it had nothing to do with racism , it was a van owner trying to stop his van being robbed , but no one has reported the truth since day one.

blaze said...

um 1st of all the story abt. the van was a load of rubbish. the boy and a few of his friends were walking 4rom the National Aquatic Center.. 2ndly it obviously was a racial attack because he was called a "fucking nigger" how is that not a racial thing to say???.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Just because a black guy is called a "fucking nigger" during a fight doesn't mean it was a racial incident. It's like a fat person being called a "fat cunt" or a guy with glasses being called a "specky cunt."

Daithi said...

Blaze ...mmm clearly a black gang name ...as i know the guys who own the van i am sure that it is the correct story , secondly the Irish people are getting very fed up with people like you shouting racist at every turn , if you think we are so racist then please leave the country , we never asked you to come here , if you dont like it go , not one person will ever stop you , after all we here in OUR Island have a free country to say what we like.
Next you will tell us that the thousands of Black people locked up never done any crime and are just in prison because the Judicial system is racist .
you are a moron who will only make it harder in Ireland for black people to live .
We are not the same people as the English who rolled over and let you all set up ghettos .
watch the future as it will be our Island again.
Black people only will have a life of crime and the dole.
Oh wait just like other European countries that they have gone to.