Friday, April 16, 2010

Nigerian accused in credit card scam

Adewale Yusuf (26) is alleged to have signed for the Nikon SB-600 flash, worth €310, after it was delivered to his home.

A court heard that father-of-three Yusuf, who is originally from Nigeria, may have been just one of a number of individuals involved in the scam.

The accused, of Russell Close in Tallaght, appeared before Tallaght District Court charged with handling stolen property at his home on March 27 last.


Daithi said...

Oh because thats a surprise ...NOT they are all at it . scum bags the lot of them , the worst people this or any country lets in .

abimbola said...

@ Daithi, yes he is a scum and a lot of them but not all. we have Nigerian's here who work and pay their tax. FYI almost every national is involved in the scam including Irish so please do not single us out