Thursday, March 25, 2010

Asylum seekers living 'in fear'

Women and children seeking asylum are living in overcrowded and outdated centres where they fear for their safety and face intimidation and racism, it was claimed today.

An African women’s group maintained residents are sexually harassed and are in fear of private management firms who control the country’s 52 reception centres.

AkiDwA said almost 3,000 women and young girls live in reception centres while their application for asylum is being processed - some for up to six years.


Daithi said...

All they do is moan , why come here if it is worse than what they are used to back home , they were not asked to come and traveled through other countries to get here , and we are meant to be sorry for them , what the fek not me .

Anonymous said...

Ireland's asylum racket needs to be put to a stop and not by a blanket amnesty.

reveal1912 said...

By voting yes to the Lisbon treaty the EU now dictates the immigration policy in Ireland and in the rest of the EU, this means the Irish people have no say whatsoever on the numbers of immigrants are their benefit entitlements, the EU decides this from now on.
And it get much worse >Through the Barcelona agreement 1995 the EU plans to invite 50 million African workers to the EU starting in 2010. If your thought the levels of immigration are insane at present, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

We need a far right political movement .We need to deport all illegals or incarcerate them in concentration camps with minimal facilities.
The fanatics on the left who support illegal immigration equate opposition to illegal immigration as racism.
This is de facto the accepted stance of the political establishment.
In that context racism is morally and politically correct.