Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti victims should be allowed settle here, says FG

VICTIMS of the Haitian earthquake should be allowed to re-settle in Ireland, Fine Gael yesterday urged

The party’s overseas aid spokesman Billy Timmins said a glut of empty properties across the country could be used to house survivors of the disaster that is estimated to have left 200,000 people dead and 3 million displaced in the poverty-stricken Caribbean nation.


Daithi said...

This is a letter that i sent to BILLY TIMMINS and FG , please people show your anger and send him letters aswell.

my letter.....

Dear Fine Gael
i would like to say although i support all that the Irish have done for aid in Haiti i find ridiculous that the idea set by Billy Timmins in the Irish examiner 22/1/2010 that we should bring them here to live , for a start they do not speak English so we would be supporting them on welfare and language courses for years to come and even then Black people are less likely to be given work , they are very uneducated to our ways and also schooling so bringing them here will only boost and already high lower class of people and we have nothing in common with these people , the majority will be on welfare and state support for years to come or even life as we have seen with many African people we felt sorry for , it will overcrowd our all ready overcrowded schools and hospitals which may i add many schools are short of funding and are prefabs , and on top of this it will create more racism in Ireland as we have over 10,000 Irish homeless in Dublin alone.

It will put further pressure on the Asylum system which Fine Gael keep shouting is unfair and too long , as for each person we admit they will be entitled to family unification which will in turn allow twice or three times the amount into Ireland, where will these all be put , schooled, Housed and who will pay to keep them ? who will pay for the many doctors to treat them after the culture change ?

I really do not think Billy Timmins has thought this through , Yes i agree help them but help them in Haiti where they can live amongst their own people in their own way , help build homes there , these people were stripped from Africa a long time ago and here Billy Timmins wants to up heave them again , a Country within Africa has already offered Haitians their own land in Africa the land of their ancestors.

Billy Timmins is a moron if he thinks that we can take people from a totally different back ground and give them brand new houses while Irish people are losing theirs each week through the courts.

We should do what we do best help from a distance as all attempts to help others in this country has and always will fail, we here your party shout for more integration , fact is the actual Irish do not want it , when will you all wake up and see no matter how much spending goes into multi cultural activities that the majority of people simply do not want this.

I was hoping that after Fine Fail messing the past 10 years up that Fine Gael might have learnt something and actually listen and learn what us Irish truly want , for a start more than 80% of us want a huge reduction in immigrants and here Billy Timmins is asking for more to be bought here .

Trust me you will see a huge rise in Racism if his pathetic uneducated views are listened to, and Fine Gael will lose support as Irish people want reductions in Foreign people here , it is also noted that many tourist have stopped coming because of multi cultural Ireland and here we have Fine Gael trying to encourage even more , id like to know what we will do with the empty tourist hostels and hotels when people stop coming altogether due to not seeing Irish people , oh maybe we can just give them away to the next country flooded or earthquaked . Mind you we can always give Leinster house or maybe one of your councilors will except them living next door to them .

No i didnt think so.


Daithi said...

It has now been reported on the news that the main Jail in Haiti was destroyed and all the inmates are now running free and a lot were in for murder and other high criminal activities , so if Mr Timmins gets his way we may also end up with these inmates on our streets as i am sure the Haitian government will be glad to get rid of them and wont tell our government about their pasts just like the hundreds of polish prisoners that were released with one way tickets to Ireland.

Anonymous said...

the destruction of the irish homeland never stops does it?

of course the lefties will deal a racist guilt trip on those who don't wish them here

Anonymous said...

If Timmins has his way, these are the "cultured people" (the live ones) you can expect to be living next door to you.

Better yet, let the first arrivals be settled in Timmins' neighbourhood -- preferable next door to his house.