Friday, January 22, 2010

Each bid to deport asylum seekers to go to court - judge

A NIGERIAN woman’s successful Supreme Court case will in practice ensure every attempt to deport a failed asylum seeker will end in the courts, “which are already swamped by such cases”, Mr Justice Adrian Hardiman said.

Asylum cases represent more than half of judicial review cases, and the majority decision in favour of Abosede Oluwatoyin Meadows, who claims risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) if deported, would make seeking judicial review “much easier”, he said. In his 100-page dissenting judgment, he said the case represented “a major revolution in our immigration arrangements” and administrative law.


Daithi said...

So yet AGAIN we see the system has a back door , will we now see those already deported coming back and trying this system , has the government thought about that, i cant fathom to think that 2 failed attempts and she still gets to stay.
So what happens to Pamela and her children now, i bet she is rubbing her hands together now and already ringing her relations to get their bags packed for Family reunification . 10 uncles 12 aunts 500 cousins all already pregnant .

Hail Ireland ! said...

The fact that this woman has been fighting to avoid deportation for ten years, makes a mockery of our asylum system

Anonymous said...

We need the the most far right political party ever seen with the most radical politics ever seen in this country.
These nigerians and pakis/latvians arranging bogus marriages are enemies of Ireland.

Daithi said...

Anonymous the far right already tried recruiting in Ireland and only got 30 responces from the whole of Ireland , they were from America in the late 1990's , saying that this was at a time where people were more interested in making money so maybe if they tried now they may get a bigger responce .