Sunday, September 27, 2009

Deportee refused leave to enter Nigeria

A 38-year-old woman deported home to Nigeria three weeks ago was refused admission into her country after officials in Nigeria demanded thousands of euro from gardaĆ­ on the basis that the woman had mental health problems. Officers from the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) refused their demand and the woman was returned to Ireland.

The woman is now back in asylum accommodation in Dublin. She came to Ireland five years ago and her return is likely to form the basis of another legal bid to stay here.

A garda source said the woman was not ill on the plane and that the demand by Nigerian authorities for "a few grand" was unacceptable. The source said there was no evidence the woman was mentally or physically unwell.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...'s 500 euros, take or leave it!

Those keystone cops should have used more creative intelligence to unload the Nigerian deportee back in her own country while they were there!

Nigerians don't play by international rules, so you have to prepare for Plan B, like dropping her at the end of the runway... then take off, or other such nefarious tactics.

Now that she's back in the emerald isle where the Irish taxpayers will pay a hell of lot more than a "few grand" to support this foreign interloper. Really pathetic!

Nigeria's population ... 145,000,000 people
Ireland's population ... 4.5 million.

The invading colonizers are on the move!!