Sunday, September 6, 2009

Asylum-seekers kept in jail for up to three months awaiting deportation

ASYLUM-seekers are being held in jail for up to three months before their deportation, adding to overcrowding in prisons.

The Department of Justice said that, over the past 18 months, nearly 130 people have been imprisoned while arrangements were made for their deportation. The average time spent in custody was 24 days, but some people spent up to 105 days behind bars.

Last year, a total of 162 deportation orders were executed, a slight increase on the previous year, which had been the lowest in a decade.

The department said another 271 non-nationals left the state under what are known as transfer orders under Dublin II regulations. These are people who claimed asylum in Ireland but who were later found to have sought refugee status in another EU state.

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Daithi said...

seekers should be kept locked up , they enter here ilegally which makes them criminals , the majority do not return to sign on each wk when asked by the immigration department which is also against the laws of Ireland.

The only reason i can see to why we dont hold them in prison is because the government want us to look as if we are multi cultural, i think that plans are going ahead to place more into asylum centers like the old butlins camp, some hostels and hotels have already been shut where asylum seekers are held, the government say this is because of the drop in applications , or would it be that so many are now on the run that their beds are laying empty ?