Sunday, May 3, 2009

Over 10,000 applied for citizenship last year

Figures from the Department of Justice show that a new high of 10,885 people applied for naturalisation in Ireland last year. In the same year, a total of 3,117 people were granted citizenship and told that they can remain here for good.

Another 2,795 applications were either refused or deemed ineligible on grounds of fraud or for not meeting the strict government requirements.

The volume of applications – which includes 2,179 new cases in the first few months of this year – has led to a massive backlog and a 23-month waiting period for decisions.

The rise in applications has been significant, growing from just 739 in 1999 to its record level last year.

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Gaurav said...


Department of Justice are very slow in processing the applications.

23 months is official timeline. It takes more then 3 years to get citizenship and unfortunately it will keep on incrreasing.

2 years ago it use to take 18 months then it went up to 24 months and now 36 months. So I am assuming people who are applying now can assume that it will take 5 years to get citizenship.