Sunday, May 24, 2009

African local election candidates suffer racial abuse

Two African candidates standing in the upcoming local elections have been racially abused while canvassing in separate parts of Dublin. A death threat issued to one of the candidates is now under investigation by gardaĆ­.

Zimbabwean Green Party candidate Tendai Madondo and South African independent candidate Patrick Map­hoso have both experienced racism on the hustings but say this has made them more determined to win a council seat and help change attitudes.


From A Canadian said...

Can anyone NOT be surprised to the reaction from homegrown Irish who see foreign invaders standing on their doorstep wanting to politically over rule the indigenous tribe?

Well, neither were North American Indians in favour of foreign European tribes invading their territory and look where those indigenous people stand today.

What is happening in Ireland and other western White countries is tribal warfare and the only force standing between today's 3rd world invaders and their intended conquests is extreme political-correctness and double standard "hate laws".

Since Obama's election as U.S. president, this has probably emboldened many a Black candidate in this traditionally White country of having aspirations of being Ireland's first Black leader.

Incidentally, if I were experiencing "racism" as a White man in a non-white country (and I have), I would simply pack up and leave!

It's time for Irish Catholics and Protestants to mend their differences and bond together to save their country, otherwise they'll become minority "Indians" in two generations.

Anonymous said...

At least these "foreign invaders" are trying to change things for the better, not just for their own people in Ireland but also for the Irish by standing for political office.

Why don't the native Irish do something about it if they're so concerned about their country?
Instead of just trying to bring down others.
*crabs in a bucket mentality*

How many Irish (white) do you see out there with the perseverance and courage to do something like that?

Daithi said...

Anonymous who are these foriegn invaders trying to better things for ? it certainly is not for the irish, and for a start all Irish are white , just because a black person manages to have a child here it doesnt make the child Irish, we took that away from these spongers.
every time i walk down a road in Ireland i see at least 4 or 5 hairdressers selling fake wigs that have been set up using Irish tax payers money, are you saying that this is integrating ? or helping society ?
on the South circular road in Dublin in amongst 8 shops there are at least 3 African hairdressers and 2 african food shops, i never see anyone go in them. They are known as fronts to drugs, Moore street Dublin no less than 4 african hairdressers, Parnell street 2 minutes walk from Moore street another 3/4 african hairdressers, fact is Africans polled poorley because the Irish people do not want to answer to foreign people.
If those immigrants are so great at changing places then why have they run from their own country ?

Anonymous said...

Daithi, it takes all kinds to make this world. Just because there are some foreigners that are dishonest, it doesn't mean they are all the same.

Have you forgotten the many Irish who immigrated to America? Remember the Irish mob? did that mean all the Irish were crooks?
Doesn't everybody deserve a chance for a better life?

"spongers"? excuse me? I personally happen to know plenty of hardworking, honest and sincere foreigners in Ireland.

And saying all Irish are white is a bit racist. There are many mixed race Irish in this country, just as in every other nation on this planet.

The African candidates may not have done well in the elections because this country is still quite traditionalist and touchy regarding politics, have you forgotten your history?

Anyhow, my main point was there was no need for the racial abuses or the death threats for the two African candidates, who were canvassing, Not drug dealing on the streets of Dublin.