Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Child benefit changes urged for foreign nationals

Child benefit payments to foreign nationals whose children live outside the State should be reduced significantly, according to a report on social welfare fraud by an Oireachtas committee.

About 7,000 EU nationals resident in Ireland are claiming child benefit for 11,000 children living outside the State. This is projected to cost the exchequer about €20 million this year.

The report says it is “not appropriate” to pay the Irish rate of child benefit for children in other countries where the cost of living is significantly lower.

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Daithi said...

The Irish are being discriminated against by a community welfare officer in Cork street Rialto Dublin 8.

I work for a local landlord to which i manage 5 houses , we set about renting them to the Irish homeless in Dublin , when these homeless people gave in their forms for rent allowance many of them were turned down , the bases they were given was because they have to be homeless for at least 6 months before they qualify .

So Irish people are being turned down rent allowance which puts them on the streets and turns them to drink and drugs, this then makes them beg in town which turns tourist off coming to Dublin, which affects businesses and collapses the economy further.

Now, i have another tenant who is not Irish who entered the country from Lithuania 7 months ago with 2 children , she immediately applied for single mothers allowance and got it , she has now been told by the same CWO In Rialto Dublin 8 as to where the Irish went and got turned down , that she can claim rent allowance to which the form was then forced on her, even though she said she didn't want to claim it , (but now will), she works full time as a nail technician in Clery's Dublin, she earns well over 1300 a month take home and with the single mothers income it is over 2500 a month and now she will get rent on top as well as tax breaks , she was also told by the CWO In Cork street Rialto that she can get other benefits if she drops her work hours by just 3 hrs a week.

This same Foreign national has also told me that she and her husband own a flat in Lithuania which is all payed for and that he works full time there in Lithuania, she has told me that in order to get benefits she had to be single so she is divorcing her husband to claim these benefits , after a while she intends to re marry her husband .And she will also send back her children to live with her husband back in Lithuania, while still claiming welfare for them here , she admitted that many Lithuanians are doing this here and do not actually have their children still in this state, if the welfare department ask to see the children they use other peoples or have them flown in just for the welfare to see as the overall benefits out way any air fare. .

Question , Where exactly are the social welfare saving money ?
Answer ,Oh that's it by pushing the Irish onto the streets and spending the money on immigrants which is designed to make the Irish people give up and leave the country , in order to break down the "native Irish" numbers , is this not forced multi cultural ism onto Ireland ?

The same rules when claiming social should be for all people in Ireland , so why is it the Irish have to be homeless 6 months no matter how much tax they have payed , but a foreign national can walk in stay 7 months work full time and get every benefit the land has to offer ?