Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New figures reveal 10pc of primary pupils born overseas

THE great ethnic divide in Irish education is revealed today for the first time.

Some 10pc of pupils in primary education -- around 44,000 in all -- were born outside the State but they are not evenly distributed across the nation's 3,200 schools.

A quarter of primaries, or some 820, have none at all, a half have up to 10pc and the remaining quarter have anything up to 70pc of overseas students.

Among the findings of the census of more than 3,100 primary schools are:

  • One in 10 primary school pupils were born outside of Ireland; 23,226 came from other EU countries and 20,703 from outside the EU.
  • More than 50pc of pupils in 12 schools are non-Irish.
  • Most Irish-language gaelscoileanna have either no non-nationals or only a tiny minority.
  • A quarter of the pupils in schools in Dublin 15 do not have Irish citizenship (7.7pc are from other EU countries and 16.7pc from outside the EU).


1 comment:

Daithi said...

why are we paying for children that are not irish citizens ?
By the time you take into account the amount it cost to educate foreigners children, the welfare , medical services , language specialist and whatever else we are gullable to give them what do they give back to us ?
they also get at least half of all taxes back so all in all we are losing and immigration is not at all even paying for itself.