Monday, March 23, 2009

Figures for non-Irish gardaí

Just 18 gardaí from ethnic minorities have been recruited under a much-publicised drive since 2006 to attract foreign nationals into the force, it has emerged.

Charlie Flanagan, Fine Gael justice spokesman, said the number of foreign gardaí recruited to date was "extremely disappointing".

The 18 foreign gardaí are from China, Poland, US, Greece, South Africa and Denmark.

There has been a marginally better return in attracting ethnic minorities into the unpaid ranks of the garda reserve.

According to figures released in August, there were 15 non-Irish nationals in the standby force, comprising nine Chinese, a Dutch, a Romanian, a Greek, a Lithuanian, a Pole and a South African.


Anonymous said...

Ireland should consider itself lucky with such low numbers of "non-Irish" this short essay.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Once it starts it's difficult to stop, that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

We dont need non Irish people in the Garda, if people come to Ireland they should be treated by Irish people, if i go to poland il expect the polish police, those non nationals will not last long, god help us if we see nigerians in the force.